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Discover how we increased our cart completion rates by over 10% by implementing the Criteo platform and a triggered email campaign that offered customers a percentage off incentive to complete their orders within a specific time frame, after we noticed that over 30% of our customers were abandoning their carts during checkout. Read on for the full project details below.

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At Sears we understood the importance of customer retention and the direct impact it had on revenue. To leverage every opportunity, I spearheaded the development of a DIY repair guide email series as part of our retention and win-back strategies. This series not only provided valuable information to our customers, but also led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Through these emails, we were able to promote specific products and services, such as our water and air filter subscription programs, resulting in a notable increase in revenue through our shopping platforms. By keeping our customers engaged and informed with the Sears brand, we were able to successfully achieve our goals of increasing customer retention and driving incremental revenue.

Sears PartsDirect
My Role
Director, Digital & Web Strategy
The Results

The DIY email series was an effective way to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. 


$ 0 K

 in revenue through inclusion of ecommerce CTAs


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of “quiet” recipients, improving our market reach and brand acceptance

Opt-Out Rates

0 %

lower than standard ecommerce emails, showing high engagement with series

The Process

As a result of careful analysis and user behavior research, it was clear that a significant number of users were leaving products in their cart. This insight drove me to take action and develop a comprehensive email re-engagement strategy that successfully re-engaged users and boosted overall conversion rates

  1. Identified a significant number of users leaving products in their cart, and led discussions with business units to define target audience segments and develop a strategy to re-engage them.

  2. Utilized advanced segmentation techniques based on location, purchase history, and other criteria to deliver personalized, dynamic content to target audiences.

  3. Challenged my creative team to design two layouts for A/B testing, while also leading my development team to create an optimized template using the Responsys email builder and dynamic content placeholders.

  4. Successfully connected our templates to our dynamic content source and thoroughly tested each email for optimal performance.

  5. Implemented time and subject line testing to 10% of the audience, and deployed the winning email to the remaining 90%, resulting in significant improvements to engagement and conversion rates.

  6. Monitored campaign performance and provided detailed reports to the business, offering valuable insights and recommendations for future email marketing campaigns.
Technologies Utilized

As part of this effort, there were many platforms involved. Some the technology my team utilized were:

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