“Heart is what separates the
good from the great.”

~ Michael Jordan


Some might ask why I chose the above quote. It's simple... I believe if we have the desire to be great, we will be. As a Chicago native, who grew up idolizing the all time great, Michael Jordan, I have found myself adopting his no quit, never accept failure attitude throughout my life. As a leader, I believe if we put our efforts into the following areas, we cannot lose; no matter the outcome:

As a team, we should take the approach of putting everything we have towards each effort and then focus on the result. We win together, we fail together, we learn together. This is how I lead my teams.

It is important to remember, we will not win at everything we try, but we will always learn, improve and become stronger for trying. That is how I approach everything I do; at home and in my career. I focus on the process and with that great results are guaranteed to come.

So who
is Brian?

This might be where you would expect me to tell you about myself as a leader and a team member and I will, but I believe it is important to get to know me as a person, not just an employee. After all, I see my teammates at work as my extended family. 

So where to begin, outside of my career, I simply love spending time with my family. My wife and I have been together for more than half our lives. We have three beautiful children (all grown) and a beautiful granddaughter who has overcome so many odds in her life due to a severe brain injury at a very young age. She truly is my inspiration. 

Since an early age, I have been a builder. I love working with my hands. From building custom furniture to restoring old cars, I find joy in building things. I guess this is what connects me to my work. In digital, I find that building and crafting meaningful strategies and delivering delightful digital experiences brings me joy. I truly love what I do. 

As you may have seen above, I quoted one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport; Michael Jordan. You may see in my picture to the left, I am wearing his apparel. One of my hobbies outside of work is collecting memorabilia, from artwork to signed artifacts to shoes and apparel and more; I have a vast collection of Michael Jordan memorabilia and continue to add to my collection when I find unique pieces. 

I am a continual learner. I find it to be important to always stay on top of emerging technologies, business best practices and leadership skills. In the digital marketing and transformation space, things are always changing and evolving and it is critical to stay on top of it. I invest at least 5 hours a week to learning something new and share those learnings with my teams to assure they are also staying across what’s new out there. 

I love to give back in many ways, but one way I am able to do this is through my teachings. I completed my MBA in International Marketing in 2019 with one goal in mind. To be a teacher. I wanted to teach as an adjunct professor to be able to share my vast experiences in the digital and technology space to those looking to venture into this area of business. I had great mentors over the years who helped me and I wanted to be able to do the same. I am happy to say I have accomplished that goal and teach Global Communications as SHNU online. 

I am a husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, friend, leader, learner and educator. I live every day to the fullest. I celebrate the small wins of those around me, learn and improve from the challenges we encounter, and strive to be the best version of myself each day.

If you’d like to learn more about me; let’s connect!

A Lifelong Learner, Growing Thought Leader

As a leader, I firmly believe I can only lead and support my teams, while being able to deliver delightful and impactful experiences to my customers (internally and externally) if I stay up-to-date with the latest skills, best practices and emerging technologies.

To assure I am able to do this, I made a commitment many years ago that I would invest time in myself each week to learn something new. I am happy to say, I have spent a minimum of 5 hours a week for that past 10 years on attending a class, webinars, completing a certification or one of many other forms of learning. 

In this digital world we live in, changes are rapid. How, when and where we communicate is determined by the technology we use and the process we continue to evolve. In many ways, the key to success is to stay in the know about what’s happening in our industry and in our area of expertise. As a thought leader, I find it crucial to act as a educator, subject matter expert for my team, organization and peers in the industry. 

Being a thought leader has been a personal mission for myself for many years. I have had the honor and privilege to speak a number of industry events on the topic of Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and more. 

As a leader. I am continuously scanning the industry for changes so we can identify areas to improve. I have found myself being very comfortable with reacting to what I learn in a way that allows my team and my organization to be prepared to act accordingly when shifting priorities arise and when a time of crisis presents itself. Being a learner and effective leader, has allowed me to master my craft in seeing business challenges as opportunities to accelerate our team’s growth. It makes our team more agile in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity and allows us to rise to every occasion and elevate our brand far beyond our competition. 

I love to learn and even more love to give back and share the knowledge with those around me. You will find some of my education accomplishments to the right.

To lead successfully, I believe firmly in the power of education. This can come in many forms, from formal college education, to industry and business certifications, to attending webinars, conferences and workshops. I have had the opportunity to participate and complete each of these areas as highlighted below.

Graduated: 2007
Degree: Bachelors
Major: Marketing
Minor: CS
GPA: 3.4

Graduated: 2017
Degree: MBA
Major: International Marketing
GPA: 3.88
Magna cum laude

To lead successfully, I believe firmly in the power of education. This can come in many forms, from formal college education, to industry and business certifications, to attending webinars, conferences and workshops. I have had the opportunity to participate and complete each of these areas as highlighted below.

As a leader in the digital marketing and digital transformation space, I find it important to stay on top of today’s leading technologies. Being at the forefront of the worlds top digital marketing platforms allows me to lead my teams more successfully, work with our digital partners more cohesively and help drive the organization to greater success. I look to update my certifications every couple years or as I see major changes in the industry that require re-upping my skills to support those around me.

Google Analytics
Display Advertising
Search Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Sites
Video Advertising
Shopping Advertising
Search Ads 360
Google Ads Fundamentals

As technology continues to evolve, I believe as digital leader, my experience should as well. As demonstrated throughout my site, I believe that as leaders we can only be successful if we stay current on trends, technologies and understand how the tools we use each day fit into the overall ecosystem of the business. Hubspot’s certifications are internationally acknowledged and provide strong support in the ever growing world of digital marketing and transformation. 

Mobile Sites
Mobile Sites
Mobile Sites

Continuous learning is something I believe strongly in. This helps me as a team member and a leader. Over the past few years, I have completed 136 hours of continuing education through LinkedIn’s Learning Academy. Ranging from Digital Strategy to Leadership Management and Finance. I have expanded my knowledge in many areas and continue to add to my library of completed courses. Below is a list of all 80 courses. 

Emerging Leader Foundations

Success Habits

Machine Learning for Marketing Essential Training


Goal Setting




Cross Functional Team Management

Webinars for
Lead Gen


Target Markets

Developing your 
Emotional Intelligence

Problem Solving Techniques

Key Account

Building Integrated Online Marketing Plans

Marketing Foundations

Lifecycle Marketing Foundations

Marketing Foundations – The Marketing Funnel

Business Process

Competitive Market

Business Analytics – Marketing Data

Introduction to Business Analytics 2020

Marketing Analytics – Setting and Measuring KPIs

Learning Design

Master Digital Transformation

Design Thinking – Prototyping

Stay Lean
with Kanban

Agile Development Practices

Learning Brainstorming Best Practices

Learning Design Thinking – Lead Change in your Organization

Leading a Customer
Centric Culture

IoT Foundations Fundamentals

Design Thinking – Understanding the Process

Design Thinking –
Venture Design

Implementing an Information Security Program

Design Thinking – Implementing the Process


Advanced Lead


The Future of
 Performance Management

The Six Morning Habits of High Performers


RPA, AI, and Cognitive
Tech for Leaders

Managing Up, Down, and Across the Organization

Leading with

Learning Cloud Computing – Core Concepts


Leading Inclusive

IoT Foundations – Standards and Ecosystems

Introduction to
Quantum Computing


Giving and
Receiving Feedback

Introduction to
Digital Twins

Foundations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

Finance for
Non-Financial Managers


 Business Acumen


Effectively Leading Digital Transformation


Customer Service Leadership


Across Cultures

with Empathy

Creating a High Performance Culture

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers

Coaching and
Developing Employees

CMO Foundations – Measuring Marketing Effectiveness (ROI)

Business Collaboration in the Modern Workplace


Cloud Architecture –
Core Concepts

Body Language
for Leaders


Body Language
for Leaders

Advanced SEO –
Search Factors

Artificial Intelligence Foundations – Thinking Machines

Big Data in the
Age of AI

As a strategic leader, I bring a passion for people, technology and problem-solving. I draw my energy from building and nurturing diverse, high performing teams and helping them unlock their best selves in order to make a measurable, lasting impact for our organization. 

Lets team up and build the next evolution of digital marketing for your organization.

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