As a leader, I strive to bring out the best in everyone around me.

Who I am, is How I lead

I believe leadership is learned and throughout my career, I have been very lucky to have great leaders to learn from, to mentor me and to show me by example what makes a great leader. Aspiring to be as great as these leaders, has allowed me to successfully master the skills of anticipating business patterns, finding opportunities in pressure situations, overcome hardships to find success in tough situations and most importantly how to serve the people I lead everyday. After all, I am only as good as the team that surrounds me.  

How I bring the best out of those around me


Give Everyone a Voice.

My goal is to always encourage ideas and opinions from those around me. Together we can be unstoppable.



Assuring that I set clear, achievable outcomes has helped those around me spend time on the right things at the right time; bringing success.


Challenge Thinking

Something I try to do is challenge my teams to stretch for more. What is the minimum output and then help them think beyond that.


Being Accountable

Helping those around me grow is one piece of this, but being accountable to them allows me to assure they know I’m here for them.


Always be Positive

My goal is to always create a positive and inspiring culture. Celebrate our wins, learn from our failures and make sure everyone knows we’re in this together.


Being a Great Teacher

Keeping my team and colleagues informed and educated on what we do, how we do it and why we do it, is critical to assuring we’re successful. I believe deeply in knowledge sharing.

The above outlines only a few of the ways I like to lead and share to help those around me.

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Over the past twenty years I have had the honor to work with and for some wonderful people. I have led some of the best people and teams in the world. This below recommendations are a sample of what those I’ve worked around believe and I am humbled by their feelings towards me.  

Ashley Nelson

Company: Cochlear
Title: Search and Social Media Manager
Relationship: Reported to Brian

I had the pleasure of having Brian as my leader while working at Cochlear during his time as the Director of Digital Marketing. Throughout this time Brian transformed the digital ecosystem for Cochlear – collaborating with regional and global partners to create a unified digital voice for the company. More importantly, however, Brian was an incredible leader throughout the organization.

His leadership unites a team, equipping everyone with what they need to thrive while energizing a group to strive for success. His ability marry vision and business goals is unique and allows his team to feel empowered. One thing I admire most about Brian is his ability to care for his employees both professional and personally.

Brian was hands-down one of the best leaders I’ve had the pleasure working for. Anyone would be honored to have him lead their team.

As a strategic leader, I bring a passion for people, technology and problem-solving. I draw my energy from building and nurturing diverse, high performing teams and helping them unlock their best selves in order to make a measurable, lasting impact for our organization. 

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