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Discover My Story: A glimpse into my professional journey and the personal values that drive me. Learn about the experiences that shape my approach to leadership and innovation, and how they resonate with Zonda's mission.

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Who I Am: A snapshot of my personal and professional attributes that resonate with Zonda’s and Livabl’s culture and needs for this leadership role.

At the core of my professional journey is a steadfast commitment to lifelong learning. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from DeVry University and an MBA in International Marketing from South University, where I graduated with honors (GPA 3.9), I’ve cultivated a strong academic foundation. What sets me apart is my unwavering dedication to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. Each year, I set a personal goal to dedicate a minimum of 80 hours to continuous learning, seeking to enhance my skills and expertise. In addition to my degrees, I proudly hold more than a dozen digital marketing certifications, including those from Google and HubSpot. I also hold more than 80 certifications from LinkedIn’s learning academy with the most recent completed in November of this year, focused on AI and it’s place in today’s digital marketing environments.

I believe these certifications not only showcase my commitment to growth but also serve as practical proof of my ability to navigate the digital realm effectively. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to leverage my educational background, passion for learning, and extensive leadership experience to contribute to Livabl’s success.

With nearly two decades of digital marketing experience, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of leading global teams, fostering a culture of innovation and empowerment. What’s particularly humbling is that team members have chosen to follow me to more than four different organizations, a testament to the collaborative environments I strive to create.

Throughout my career, I’ve focused on digital marketing and traffic growth, consistently achieving measurable results. My leadership style is anchored in data-driven decision-making, a commitment to continuous learning, and a passion for excellence. I’m excited about the opportunity to leverage my extensive experience to contribute to the growth and success of Livabl at Zonda Home.

My extensive background encompasses a wide spectrum of digital marketing disciplines, including SEO, SEM/PPC, online advertising, and various traffic growth strategies. For example, during my tenure as the Global Director of Digital Marketing & Platforms at Panduit, I orchestrated a website overhaul that led to a remarkable 40% increase in site traffic within just six months. In addition to SEO, I’ve led highly successful SEM/PPC campaigns that resulted in substantial traffic growth and improved lead generation.

Furthermore, while serving as the Vice President of Digital Marketing and Operations at Nile, I implemented robust SEM/PPC strategies, optimizing our campaigns to achieve a 40% reduction in acquisition costs. My experience also includes overseeing online advertising initiatives, where I strategically allocated budgets and meticulously optimized campaigns to maximize ROI.

At Claire’s Inc., I had the privilege of transforming an early-stage e-commerce site into a thriving multi-million-dollar digital business. My team and I employed a mix of SEO, SEM/PPC, and online advertising strategies to drive organic and paid traffic. These efforts collectively increased conversion rates and propelled the brand forward in a highly competitive industry.

My commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends is evident in my certifications from renowned institutions such as Google and HubSpot, which further substantiate my expertise in these domains. With this comprehensive skill set and a proven history of driving traffic growth and success, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to the Livabl brand at Zonda Home.

With nearly two decades of experience in digital marketing, I possess a deep expertise in data analytics and the transformation of data into actionable insights. My journey began at Amazon, where I harnessed data to boost organic traffic by a remarkable 200%, utilizing tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to decipher user behavior and improve site performance.

During my tenure as the Global Director of Internet Marketing at ADP, I led a data-driven content marketing program that generated over $2 million in sales pipeline. I leveraged a range of analytics tools, including Tableau and Power BI, to extract meaningful insights from complex datasets.

Throughout my career, I’ve consistently applied my analytical skills to optimize strategies. For instance, at Nile, I leveraged a combination of Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Moz to achieve a 35% improvement in conversion rates. Additionally, I have hands-on experience with various marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo, allowing me to implement data-driven nurturing campaigns that drive results.

My commitment to continuous learning ensures I stay updated with the latest industry trends and emerging tools. This dedication, coupled with my proficiency in data analytics and a track record of success, makes me a valuable asset to Livabl at Zonda Home. I am eager to bring my analytical acumen to drive impactful results and contribute to the brand’s growth and success.

With nearly two decades of experience in the digital marketing landscape, my expertise spans a wide range of industries, including B2B, B2C, and B2B2C. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working in diverse sectors, each with its unique challenges and competitive landscapes.

While I may not have direct experience in travel and have limited exposure to home services, my track record in capturing share of wallet extends into many other sectors. For instance, during my tenure at Sears Home Services, I played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth by leveraging digital marketing strategies that resonated with consumers seeking home improvement solutions. We not only retained existing customers but also expanded our customer base in a highly competitive market.

In my role as Vice President of Digital Marketing and Operations at Nile, I demonstrated adaptability and innovative thinking in the travel industry. By strategically launching a new brand and business, we were able to capture market share and outpace competitors in a crowded market.

Furthermore, my experience in the healthcare sector with Cochlear showcased my ability to thrive in a highly specialized industry. By implementing digital transformation strategies and enhancing the online presence, we not only captured market share but also improved the overall customer experience.

My diverse experience across these sectors, coupled with my commitment to innovation and data-driven strategies, positions me well to contribute to Livabl at Zonda Home’s vision for the future of housing. I’m excited to bring my expertise to a brand that is trailblazing a new era in the real estate industry.

My career journey has provided me with a wealth of experience across various sectors, including the real estate and technology industries. I’ve had the privilege of working with leading technology companies, and my track record in these sectors underscores my ability to drive growth and innovation.

During my tenure at Repligen as the Global Director of Digital Strategy, I had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team and leverage cutting-edge technology to transform the digital landscape. We pioneered the development of marketing forecasting tools and integrated data lakes to streamline reporting, resulting in improved visibility and decision-making. Additionally, I orchestrated the implementation of a comprehensive search marketing strategy, amplifying digital reach and effectiveness in the online landscape.

At Nile, a technology-driven organization, I was recruited to launch a new brand and business, showcasing my ability to adapt to rapidly evolving markets. We deployed marketing automation platforms, implemented technology stacks, and leveraged analytics to optimize performance. This experience solidified my expertise in the technology sector and my commitment to staying at the forefront of digital innovation.

Furthermore, my role as Vice President of Digital Marketing and Demand Generation at Cherwell Software allowed me to navigate the intersection of technology and business. I championed the rebuild of digital marketing and MarTech practices, demonstrating my ability to lead digital transformation efforts in technology-focused environments.

My extensive experience in technology companies, coupled with my deep understanding of the real estate sector, uniquely positions me to drive Livabl’s digital marketing strategy in the fast-growing real estate industry. I’m excited to bring my passion for technology and my expertise in real estate to the forefront as we redefine the future of housing.

My journey in the digital marketing and digital transformation landscape has not only equipped me with hands-on expertise but also honed my communication and presentation skills. Throughout my career, I’ve consistently demonstrated the ability to convey complex ideas in a clear and engaging manner, whether it’s addressing a diverse team, speaking at industry events, or educating students as a professor.

One memorable experience that underscores my proficiency in communication took place during my tenure at Cochlear. In an effort to enhance the company’s digital presence and customer engagement, I led the charge in implementing data-driven user experiences across web, mobile, and social media platforms. While this transformation had a profound impact on our business, it also required effective communication with stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Through clear and persuasive presentations, I was able to rally support for the initiative, resulting in buy-in from senior leadership and cross-functional teams.

Beyond my professional roles, I’ve had the privilege of being invited as a guest speaker at industry events and conferences, where I’ve shared insights on digital marketing and digital transformation strategies. These opportunities not only allowed me to showcase my thought leadership but also reinforced my ability to connect with diverse audiences and leave a lasting impact.

In addition to speaking engagements, I’ve had the honor of serving as a professor, imparting my knowledge and expertise to the next generation of digital marketers. This role has challenged me to refine my communication skills further and break down complex concepts into digestible lessons, ensuring that my students not only understand the subject matter but also feel inspired to apply it in their careers.

One particular story that stands out is when a former student reached out to me to share their success in implementing the strategies they learned in my class. Hearing about their achievements and knowing that I played a part in their professional journey was incredibly rewarding.

These experiences, both within and outside my professional roles, have shaped me into a skilled communicator and presenter. I firmly believe that effective communication is at the heart of successful digital marketing and transformation, and I’m committed to leveraging these skills to drive innovation and growth at Livabl.

My extensive experience spanning almost two decades in the digital marketing and digital transformation field has equipped me with the invaluable skill of working independently while efficiently managing multiple tasks concurrently. Throughout my career, I’ve consistently demonstrated my capacity to thrive in fast-paced environments, tackle complex challenges, and deliver results.

One notable example of this ability comes from my time at Sears Corporation, where I was entrusted with the responsibility of leading the strategy for the company’s next-generation e-commerce platform. This ambitious project required not only a high degree of autonomy but also the capability to juggle various aspects, from web development and technology integration to user experience enhancements. Despite the multifaceted nature of the initiative, I successfully managed the project’s diverse components, ensuring alignment with business goals and timelines.

Additionally, as a seasoned digital marketing leader, I’ve routinely managed diverse teams across global organizations, overseeing multifaceted campaigns and strategies. This role necessitated the skill to navigate various projects simultaneously, all while maintaining a sharp focus on key objectives and ensuring each team member’s contributions were maximized.

Furthermore, my commitment to continuous learning and professional development has honed my ability to independently explore emerging trends and technologies in the digital landscape. Each year, I dedicate a substantial amount of time, often exceeding 80 hours, to expand my knowledge base, ensuring that I remain at the forefront of industry advancements. This commitment not only reflects my self-motivation but also reinforces my capacity to handle multiple tasks and adapt to evolving digital landscapes.

In summary, my extensive background in digital marketing, coupled with my dedication to continuous learning and personal growth, equips me with the independence and multitasking skills needed to excel in dynamic and challenging environments. I’m confident that these abilities will be assets in driving success and innovation at Livabl.

As a strategic leader, I bring a passion for people, technology and problem-solving. I draw my energy from building and nurturing diverse, high performing teams and helping them unlock their best selves in order to make a measurable, lasting impact for our organization. 

Lets team up and build the next evolution of digital marketing for your organization.

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