Willscot - A Letter to the Hiring Team

I'm happy you're here to learn a bit about my journey. In the following sections, I'll share some insights into my career, including the shorter roles that have significantly shaped my path. Each experience has been invaluable, contributing to my growth and expertise. Thank you for taking the time to explore my story.

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Dear WillScot Team,

I am excited to share a bit about my professional journey and the unique experiences that have shaped my career in digital marketing and technology. Throughout my career, I have been passionate about leveraging technology to create inspiring digital experiences that not only meet business objectives but also enhance customer and team engagement.

Winston Brands: My tenure at Winston Brands was a period of significant personal growth and professional development. However, I faced a challenging situation at home that required immediate attention and action. My youngest child was struggling with severe mental health issues, which led to two suicide attempts. In response, my wife and I made the difficult decision to relocate out of state to provide a fresh start for our family. This decision, though tough, was necessary for the well-being of my child, prompting me to leave my position at Winston Brands to support my family during this critical time.

Sears: During my time at Sears, I was involved in impactful projects that honed my skills in managing large digital e-commerce operations. However, the company was undergoing significant downsizing, which included multiple rounds of layoffs. With the uncertain future at Sears and being the primary provider of income and insurance for my family, I proactively sought new opportunities, leading me to Winston Brands.

Cherwell: My journey continued at Cherwell, where I embraced the role of leading digital marketing and operations. Unfortunately, less than two years into my tenure, Cherwell was acquired by Ivanti as part of a strategic move by our holding company, KKR. This acquisition during the COVID-19 pandemic led to significant changes in company structure and strategy, prompting me to explore other opportunities where I could have a stable and impactful role.

Repligen: Most recently, I joined Repligen, attracted by an exciting opportunity presented by the SVP of Marketing. Since I joined, the company has undergone two layoffs and has unfortunately missed their sales targets, even with significant lead generation growth from YoY from Marketing efforts. Additionally, we the marketing and digital teams are not adequately funded to support strategic demand generation programs. Therefore, I’m seeking a new opportunity where I can return to building a strategic team designed to deliver growth through engaging digital experiences.

Every role I have held has been instrumental in shaping my career path, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Each experience has provided me with valuable lessons and insights that have made me a stronger leader and digital marketing expert. Additionally, these roles have brought great friendships, opportunities to reconnect with old friends and teammates, and the chance to bring previous team members along to new organizations. At Winston Brands, I learned the importance of adaptability and the value of family. My time at Sears reinforced the need for proactive decision-making in uncertain times. Cherwell taught me the intricacies of navigating acquisitions and the importance of resilience. Repligen has highlighted the necessity of aligning with a company’s vision and values to drive meaningful impact.

These experiences, though diverse and challenging, have not dampened my passion for digital marketing and technology. Instead, they have enriched my understanding and ability to adapt to fast-changing environments. I am always driven by a desire to build and lead teams that push the boundaries of digital marketing, creating innovative solutions that drive engagement and business growth.

Looking Forward: As I consider my next steps, the opportunity at WillScot stands out as a perfect match for my skills and aspirations. WillScot’s commitment to innovation, team appreciation, and customer-centricity aligns with my professional values and goals. I am eager to bring my extensive experience and enthusiasm to WillScot, where I hope to contribute to exciting projects and initiatives that inspire our customers, prospects, and team members.

I look forward to the possibility of joining WillScot and being part of a team that values innovation and collaboration. Thank you for considering my application and for the opportunity to share my journey with you.

Warm regards,

Brian Thompson

As a strategic leader, I bring a passion for people, technology and problem-solving. I draw my energy from building and nurturing diverse, high performing teams and helping them unlock their best selves in order to make a measurable, lasting impact for our organization. 

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