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Welcome ADM team! I'm excited you're here. I want to say thank you for the opportunity to present my leadership, skills and background in response to your Global Director, Digital Marketing position. Please see below for more information.

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The Responsibilities for this position and how my background aligns.

As the current Global Director of Digital Strategy at Repligen, I have spearheaded comprehensive digital transformations that have reshaped customer interactions and significantly enhanced demand generation strategies. With over 15 years of experience in driving pioneering digital strategies, I excel in crafting technology roadmaps and executing digital marketing plans that align with strategic business objectives.

At Repligen, I initiated and led the migration to Commerce Cloud and revamped our demand generation framework, which resulted in a 13% revenue increase on consumable sales. This experience has honed my ability to manage large-scale digital transformations that not only increase awareness but also drive substantial business growth.

In my tenure as Vice President of Digital Marketing at Nile, I built a digital marketing practice from scratch, establishing a cross-functional team that executed a comprehensive digital strategy, contributing to sales pipeline targets exceeding $50M annually. My efforts there included launching a Marketing Automation platform that grew our database by 400% and achieved remarkably high engagement rates.

Furthermore, during my time at Cherwell Software, I championed an expansive rebuild of the digital marketing, MarTech, and operations practices. This led to a 200% increase in MQL production and a 60% boost in the sales pipeline in under two years, by implementing a multifaceted digital strategy that included a complete redesign of digital ecosystems and web strategies.

For ADM, I am excited about the opportunity to lead the digital marketing transformation and develop new digital strategies that will amplify the awareness of ADM’s full pantry. My vision includes integrating advanced analytics, AI-driven marketing technologies, and a personalized customer engagement approach to not only increase awareness but also foster long-term customer loyalty and drive business success.

In my leadership roles, I have consistently excelled at driving engagement and generating leads by leveraging innovative digital marketing strategies and advanced analytics. My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of digital ecosystems and customer-centric marketing, ensuring that every strategy is both data-driven and tailored to the audience’s needs.

At Repligen, I designed and led the implementation of a comprehensive 3-year demand generation strategy focused on lead creation and enhancing digital commerce. This initiative not only resulted in a 13% increase in revenue from consumable sales but also led to a more streamlined and effective marketing operation. Additionally, I established a marketing forecasting tool that improved resource allocation by 10%, boosting both the efficiency and impact of our demand generation efforts.

During my tenure at Nile, I established a marketing automation platform and a strategic nurturing program that expanded our database by 400%, achieving a 60% open rate and a 40% conversion rate from channel interactions. These results were underpinned by the launch of a sophisticated SEO strategy that secured first-page ranking on strategic terms within 90 days, significantly increasing organic traffic and lead quality.

At Cherwell Software, I spearheaded the digital transformation of our marketing practices, resulting in a 200% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and a significant boost to our sales pipeline. I also implemented A/B and multivariate testing frameworks that increased the overall effectiveness of our digital campaigns by 12%, demonstrating a strong capability in using data to refine and optimize marketing strategies.

In my role at Cochlear, I initiated a multi-year digital transformation strategy which included radical re-platforming for the website and launching a new multi-million-dollar digital advertising operation. These initiatives led to a 120% increase in Marketing Qualified Lead generation year-over-year and established a more robust digital presence that significantly improved customer engagement and conversion rates.

I am eager to apply my proven methodologies and innovative ideas at ADM to drive engagement and generate leads, ensuring that our digital marketing efforts translate into measurable business outcomes and sustained growth.

In my extensive career as a digital marketing leader, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to drive marketing excellence. As the Global Director of Digital Strategy at Repligen, I reported directly to C-level executives and worked closely with integrated marketing communications, customer experience, and market insights teams to align our digital strategies with broader corporate goals.

At Repligen, in partnership with our CIO, I co-founded an AI steering committee aimed at leveraging AI technologies to enhance marketing capabilities and drive deeper insights from our data. This initiative was pivotal in advancing our data-driven marketing strategies and aligning them more closely with business outcomes, illustrating my commitment to technological innovation and cross-departmental collaboration.

At ADP, as the Global Director of Internet Marketing, I built a centralized organization of strategic marketing experts and led a redesign of our global websites. This role required close collaboration with the customer insights team to ensure that our digital strategies were informed by robust data analytics, which significantly increased our conversion rates and market penetration.

During my tenure at Panduit, I spearheaded the integration of offline to online marketing efforts and led a global team responsible for digital marketing, CRM, and analytics. This role involved extensive collaboration with leaders across creative services, site merchandising, and sales enablement, successfully boosting online sales by 15% within six months.

Additionally, at Nile, I recruited and led a cross-functional team that encompassed UX/UI design, web development, and CRM integration, aligning digital marketing efforts with both customer experience enhancements and deeper market penetration. Our initiatives contributed to pipeline targets exceeding $50M annually, demonstrating the effectiveness of our integrated marketing approach.

These experiences are supported by numerous recommendation letters from executive leaders who have recognized my strategic vision and my ability to deliver results through collaboration and leadership. These endorsements highlight my proven track record in transforming digital marketing landscapes and driving synergies across marketing functions.

Reporting to the VP of Global Marketing Excellence at ADM, I am eager to leverage my expertise and leadership to foster strong collaboration among the leaders of integrated marketing communications, customer experience, and market and consumer insights. I am committed to driving digital marketing innovations that align with ADM’s strategic objectives and enhance our global market presence.

In my capacity as a seasoned global leader in digital marketing and digital strategy, I have led and collaborated with teams across all corners of the globe, encompassing a wide range of cultures and business practices. This extensive experience positions me uniquely to manage cross-functional efforts seamlessly within large, diverse organizations such as ADM.

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a robust capability in bridging the gap between marketing and IT teams. At Repligen, I co-founded an AI steering committee alongside our CIO, which was instrumental in integrating advanced artificial intelligence technologies to enhance our marketing strategies. This initiative not only propelled our data analytics capabilities but also ensured that our IT and marketing teams were aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.

At Nile, I was recruited to launch a premier new brand and build a digital marketing practice from the ground up, which required synthesizing efforts across UX/UI design, web development, marketing automation, and CRM integration. This role highlighted my ability to navigate and unify multiple stakeholder perspectives to achieve a cohesive digital strategy.

During my tenure at Cherwell Software, I led a significant digital transformation initiative, focusing on creating a tailored digital marketing experience for our customers. This involved close coordination with IT to integrate new technologies that supported our revamped demand generation strategies, showcasing my ability to lead cross-functional projects that drive substantial business growth.

At Cochlear, my leadership in developing and deploying a multi-year Digital Transformation strategy involved extensive collaboration with IT, operations, and senior leadership teams. This role required managing external agency partners and aligning digital initiatives with broader business goals, further enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.

As a public speaker, I have shared my insights and strategies on digital transformation and digital marketing at various international conferences, further honing my communication skills and establishing my thought leadership in the industry. These engagements have not only strengthened my public speaking abilities but have also deepened my understanding of global market dynamics and the various challenges and opportunities that exist in digital marketing across different regions and sectors.

In this role at ADM, I am eager to leverage my extensive experience in working cross-functionally with key marketing business stakeholders, IT teams, digital transformation leaders, and external agency partners across all regions and both B2B and B2C businesses. My goal is to foster a collaborative environment that drives innovative digital marketing strategies, enhances customer engagement, and delivers on the company’s global business objectives.

In my role as Global Director of Digital Strategy at Repligen, I spearheaded the design and implementation of a 3-year demand generation strategy that not only enhanced our digital commerce but also aligned perfectly with the broader business goals of expanding market presence and revenue growth. This experience exemplifies my ability to build and execute comprehensive digital strategies that meet and exceed company objectives.

At Cherwell Software, I led a transformative rebuild of our digital marketing and operations, creating a global digital demand generation organization. This initiative resulted in a 200% increase in MQL production and significantly boosted our sales pipeline. My approach involved integrating cross-functional insights and aligning digital strategies with corporate goals, showcasing my ability to manage and synchronize extensive marketing campaigns across multiple regions.

While at Nile, I was tasked with launching a new brand and establishing a digital marketing practice from scratch. This role required close collaboration with stakeholders to align on campaign objectives that accelerated growth across a portfolio of products and services, contributing to sales pipeline targets exceeding $50M annually.

At Panduit, I increased online sales by 15% within six months through strategic leadership and digital transformation efforts that unified our global presence. This was achieved by developing and driving a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that aligned with the needs of different regional markets and business categories.

During my tenure at ADP, I defined and implemented an enterprise-wide digital marketing strategy that revolutionized our inbound demand generation and content marketing. My leadership in these areas drove significant improvements in traffic and conversion rates, demonstrating my capability to align digital strategies with varied market and consumer insights.

At Cochlear, I developed a multi-year digital transformation strategy that radically re-platformed our website and digital operations. My strategy focused on enhancing customer experience and was meticulously aligned with our organizational objectives, demonstrating my adeptness in driving digital initiatives that resonate across multiple categories and stakeholders.

Finally, at Claire’s, I spearheaded the digital transformation of the e-commerce division, managing a global team and orchestrating a strategy that saw a 50% increase in site conversion in less than eight months. This role highlighted my ability to develop and implement digital strategies that are tailored to specific market needs and consumer behaviors across different regions.

In the role at ADM, I am eager to leverage my broad experience and strategic insights to build and drive ADM’s digital marketing strategy, roadmap, and activation plan. Collaborating with stakeholders across multiple categories and regions, I aim to ensure that all digital marketing activities are strategically aligned with ADM’s overarching goals, driving consistent growth and market leadership.

Throughout my career, I have led the development and execution of comprehensive digital marketing strategies, focusing on key areas such as website evolution, SEO, paid search, analytics, marketing automation, and lead generation tactics. My experiences at several leading companies have equipped me with a profound understanding and practical expertise in managing complex digital projects globally.

At Repligen, I drove a dynamic transformation in our digital landscape, which included spearheading the revamp of our website and enhancing our SEO and paid search strategies. This initiative not only improved our digital presence but also increased demand in these channels by 9% in the first six months, illustrating my ability to effectively lead website evolution and search engine strategies.

While at Cherwell Software, I championed a substantial digital marketing overhaul that centered around sophisticated marketing automation and advanced analytics. This led to a 200% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads by optimizing lead generation tactics and implementing cutting-edge automation tools that streamlined our marketing processes and improved our campaign effectiveness.

During my tenure at Nile, I was instrumental in launching a comprehensive digital strategy from the ground up. This included deploying a robust marketing automation platform that resulted in a 400% growth in our database and dramatically high engagement rates, showcasing my capabilities in leveraging marketing technology to drive lead generation and engagement.

At Panduit, I successfully led a global team in integrating and enhancing various digital marketing tools and platforms. My leadership in deploying new strategies for marketing automation programs reduced email unsubscribe rates by 50%, increased open rates by 60%, and improved click-through rates by 40%. These outcomes demonstrate my proficiency in managing and improving marketing automation and analytics systems across a global enterprise.

At ADP, I led the redevelopment of global websites focused on maximizing user engagement through improved SEO and conversion rate optimization. My strategic oversight helped grow traffic by 300% year-over-year and significantly enhanced conversion rates by 58%, highlighting my effectiveness in leading SEO and website optimization efforts.

In this role at ADM, I am prepared to lead the development and execution of all digital marketing deliverables and global workstreams. My extensive experience in managing multi-faceted digital projects—from website evolution to sophisticated analytics and automation strategies—will ensure that ADM’s digital marketing efforts are cohesive, innovative, and highly effective in generating leads and driving business growth.

Throughout my career, I have not only led digital marketing initiatives but have also taken great pride in mentoring and teaching my teams, ensuring that we leverage the most effective digital tactics and channels to meet our engagement and lead acquisition goals. My approach has always been to foster an environment of continuous learning and improvement, which is supported by numerous recommendation letters from my direct reports over the years.

My passion for leading and teaching is further exemplified by my commitment to education. For the past four years, I have had the privilege of teaching at Southern New Hampshire University, focusing on global communications with an emphasis on digital strategies. This role has allowed me to share my professional experiences and insights with the next generation of digital marketers, enhancing their understanding and skills in a rapidly evolving industry.

In my professional roles, such as at Repligen and Cherwell Software, I have directed marketing teams across the globe, focusing on aligning digital tactics with overall business objectives to optimize the customer journey. This has included overseeing the development and execution of integrated marketing campaigns that not only meet but exceed engagement and conversion targets.

Moreover, I am proud to say that my leadership style has inspired such loyalty and trust that I have had team members follow me to multiple companies. This speaks volumes about the supportive and effective team culture I strive to cultivate—one that values collaboration, innovation, and mutual growth.

At ADM, I am eager to bring this same leadership and mentorship to the marketing teams, guiding them in determining the most effective digital tactics and channels. Together, we will enhance our integrated marketing campaigns to achieve exceptional results in engagement, lead acquisition, and conversion across the customer journey.


Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a profound capability for building digital marketing teams from the ground up, transforming minimal resources into globally recognized, high-performing practices. At ADP, Panduit, Cherwell, Nile, and Repligen, I started with small teams and expanded them significantly, employing strategic staffing and robust development programs that aligned with each company’s digital transformation goals.

At ADP and Panduit, I began with just a single employee and systematically grew each team. At Panduit, the team expanded to over 40 members around the world, some of whom were new hires and others who were integrated into the digital practice by the C-suite. This strategic mix of talent helped us launch a global digital marketing strategy that increased online sales by 15% within six months.

Similarly, at Cherwell Software, I led a digital transformation that resulted in a 200% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads by strategically overhauling our digital marketing and MarTech practices. At Nile, I was tasked with building a digital marketing department from scratch for a new brand, which involved defining and implementing robust strategies that contributed to exceeding our annual sales pipeline targets of $50M.

Most recently, at Repligen, I have spearheaded a comprehensive digital strategy overhaul, focusing on demand generation and digital commerce enhancements that resulted in significant revenue growth and market expansion. This involved not only tactical planning but also mentoring and leading the team towards achieving these ambitious goals.

At ADM, I am excited to bring this wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. My approach to developing strategic staffing plans involves a thorough analysis of current capabilities, proactive recruitment, and a strong emphasis on continuous learning and professional development. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, I aim to build a digital marketing team that is not only equipped to meet current challenges but is also agile enough to adapt to future advancements and changes in the digital landscape.

In my leadership roles at Repligen, Cherwell, Nile, Panduit, and ADP, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to drive cross-discipline integration and collaboration among key internal stakeholders—including marketing, sales, and IT—to develop and execute comprehensive digital marketing roadmaps. Here are just a few examples of this.

At Repligen: I established a close partnership with the IT department and co-founded an AI steering committee, pivotal in integrating advanced technologies into our marketing strategies. This was part of a broader digital strategy aimed at significantly enhancing our market presence and operational efficiencies. A key project under this initiative involved deploying AI technologies to enhance our predictive analytics capabilities, which significantly improved our ability to target customer segments and optimize campaign effectiveness. This strategic implementation led to notable increases in market penetration and campaign ROI, showcasing my ability to align and execute long-term digital roadmaps that drive substantial business growth.

At Cherwell Software: In my role, I led a comprehensive digital transformation, focusing on integrating new technologies and streamlining operations across the organization. A significant initiative was the implementation of a new CRM system integrated with our marketing automation tools, designed to enhance the synergy between marketing and sales efforts. This project enabled more effective lead tracking and nurturing, contributing to a 200% increase in MQL production and a significant boost to the sales pipeline. Additionally, this initiative fostered improved sales forecasting and customer engagement strategies, reinforcing the alignment of digital tactics with overall business objectives.

At Nile: I spearheaded the creation of a digital marketing department from scratch for a newly launched brand, establishing robust strategies across multiple digital channels. A major project during this period was the implementation of a Marketing Automation platform that focused on strategic customer nurturing. This led to a 400% growth in our database and dramatically high engagement rates, effectively supporting the sales team in exceeding their targets. This project not only set a strong digital foundation for the brand but also demonstrated my strategic vision in leveraging digital tools to accelerate business growth and brand development.

At Panduit: I led the ambitious project of unifying several disparate web properties into a single cohesive global platform. This initiative was critical in improving the global online user experience and increasing online sales by 15% within six months. The project involved extensive collaboration with business units across different regions, integrating their feedback and aligning the digital presence with broader business strategies. This demonstrated my leadership in managing complex, multi-stakeholder projects that enhance global brand consistency and digital commerce efficiency.

At ADP: I directed the redesign and integration of global websites, with a focus on optimizing user engagement and conversion through strategic SEO and content marketing initiatives. One key project involved implementing a global SEO strategy that was closely aligned with consumer insights, resulting in a 300% increase in web traffic and a 58% improvement in conversion rates. This success was underpinned by my ability to effectively integrate technical SEO, content strategies, and user experience design, significantly enhancing the digital footprint and business impact of the company.

Throughout my tenure at companies like Repligen, Cherwell, Nile, Cochlear, and ADP, I have excelled in managing complex agency partner relationships, ensuring these collaborations are strategically aligned with the company’s objectives and adaptable to changing business needs.

At Repligen, I managed CRM and web development agencies, developing scopes of work that were intricately designed to support our digital transformation goals. I established rigorous performance evaluation criteria to ensure these agencies delivered high-quality work that enhanced our customer relationship management and online presence.

While at Nile, my responsibilities included overseeing web development agencies and SFDC contractors, as well as managing relationships with paid media agency partners. I created detailed scopes of work that closely integrated with our internal goals, ensuring these external teams were pivotal in launching our new brand and supporting our rapid market expansion. This comprehensive management of diverse agency resources was crucial for maintaining a consistent and effective market strategy.

At Cochlear and Cherwell, I was responsible for managing paid media agencies, along with digital design and development agencies for selected projects. This involved not only strategic oversight but also meticulous alignment of their outputs with our lead generation and digital marketing campaigns. My leadership ensured these agencies were effectively contributing to our global marketing initiatives, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement across digital platforms.

At ADP, I managed a variety of agency partners encompassing multiple digital marketing disciplines. This role required a broad coordination effort, developing and refining scopes of work that maximized agency contributions across SEO, paid search, and other digital campaigns. I regularly evaluated these partnerships to ensure alignment with our strategic marketing objectives and optimized resource allocation to support diverse business unit needs.

In each role, I have prioritized fostering collaborative, transparent relationships with agencies, ensuring that their contributions are not only aligned with our strategic needs but also flexible enough to adapt to new challenges and opportunities. At ADM, I am eager to leverage this extensive experience to strategically manage and optimize agency partnerships, developing scopes of work that drive our digital marketing objectives forward and rigorously evaluating agency performance to ensure maximal efficiency and impact for each business unit.

In my leadership roles across organizations like Repligen, Cherwell, Nile, and Cochlear, I have consistently emphasized the importance of a data-driven marketing approach, ensuring that all strategic decisions are underpinned by robust analytics and actionable insights.

At each of these companies, I implemented the use of advanced data visualization tools such as Tableau and Looker Studio to build comprehensive, visual dashboards. These tools enabled us to articulate complex data sets into meaningful reports, facilitating the understanding of key performance indicators and driving informed decisions. My focus on making data accessible and actionable has been central to continuously improving our marketing strategies and achieving business objectives.

To ensure that ADM tracks and exceeds identified targets, I would continue leveraging these advanced analytics tools to monitor performance across all digital marketing campaigns. By developing actionable items based on real-time data, we can make swift adjustments that optimize our efforts and enhance overall effectiveness.

Additionally, I established 100-day plans at each organization, which included weekly team meetings focused on performance reviews and monthly leadership calls to ensure high-level visibility and alignment on data-driven strategies. These regular check-ins helped foster a culture of accountability and continuous improvement, keeping all team members informed and engaged with our progress towards achieving key metrics.

I also initiated monthly educational ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions at Cochlear, Cherwell, Nile, and Repligen, aimed at educating internal teams on how to interpret data, draw insights, and drive change. These sessions were designed to enhance our team’s analytical skills and ensure that everyone—from marketing executives to sales personnel—understood how to leverage data to make strategic decisions and adapt to market dynamics.

At ADM, I am eager to apply this proven methodology to not only monitor and enhance performance but also to instill a culture of continuous learning and data-driven decision-making. By ensuring that our team is well-versed in interpreting and acting on data insights, we can drive sustained improvements and effectively meet and exceed our strategic targets.

Throughout my career, I have consistently sought opportunities to optimize processes and deliver more effective and efficient solutions, drawing on my extensive experience at companies like Repligen, Cherwell, Nile, Panduit, ADP, and Cochlear. Here are a few examples:

At Repligen:

  1. I led the migration to Commerce Cloud, which streamlined our digital commerce operations and resulted in a 13% increase in revenue from consumable sales. This was complemented by a major initiative to clean up and optimize our existing Shopify platform, further enhancing operational efficiencies.

  2. Additionally, I spearheaded the creation of a marketing forecasting tool that improved resource allocation by 10%. This tool enabled better prediction of marketing spend effectiveness, optimizing our budget and resource distribution across various campaigns.

At Cherwell Software:

  1. I directed a comprehensive overhaul of our digital marketing practices by implementing a new CRM system integrated with marketing automation tools. This project increased MQL production by 200%, significantly enhancing the efficiency of our lead management process.

  2. I also initiated the Digital Marketing Playbook Series, which provided structured guidelines across digital ecosystems and web strategies, improving consistency and effectiveness in our marketing efforts.

At Nile:

  1. Upon my arrival, I was responsible for building a digital marketing practice from scratch, which included launching a fully integrated MarTech/SalesTech stack. This initiative not only streamlined marketing operations but also facilitated rapid scalability as the brand grew.

  2. I also developed and launched a Marketing Automation platform, which grew our marketing database by 400% and supported strategic nurturing that led to dramatically high engagement rates.

At Panduit:

  1. I spearheaded the integration of many disparate digital properties into a unified global presence, which not only simplified content management processes but also ensured consistency across all regions, improving global brand presence.

  2. Another significant initiative was the deployment of mobile apps that supported mobile shopping and sales enablement, which were critical in improving sales processes and customer engagement across diverse markets.


  1. I managed a large-scale consumer-focused redesign of global websites based on user personas and SEO best practices. This initiative grew traffic by 300% year-over-year and significantly improved conversion rates by 58%.

  2. Additionally, I led the development of a centralized organization of strategic marketing experts that streamlined lead development and nurturing processes, significantly reducing net selling expenses by enhancing the efficiency of our inbound sales channels.

At Cochlear:

  1. I developed and deployed a multi-year digital transformation strategy, which included the launch of an industry-first social media Listening operation that enhanced our customer engagement strategies and provided innovative content strategies.

  2. I also led a radical re-platforming of the website towards new, more sustainable technologies, significantly improving the user experience and operational efficiencies, which supported better analytics and customer interactions.

Remaining at the forefront of digital marketing trends has been pivotal throughout my career journey. At Repligen, I spearheaded transformative initiatives such as migrating to Commerce Cloud and optimizing our Shopify platform. These efforts resulted in a commendable 13% increase in revenue from consumable sales, showcasing our commitment to leveraging innovative digital platforms for sustainable growth.

Moreover, during my tenure at Repligen, I led strategic efforts to enhance our SEO performance, resulting in a remarkable improvement of over 300% year-over-year. This achievement was made possible through a keen focus on understanding changes in search engine algorithms and harnessing new data analytics capabilities. By staying ahead of the curve in SEO practices, we were able to significantly increase our online visibility and drive organic traffic to our digital properties.

Additionally, at Claire’s, I played a key role in leading the expansion of the digital and e-commerce division, overseeing the transformation of an early-stage e-commerce site into a multi-million-dollar digital business. Through strategic re-platforming efforts and enhanced affiliate marketing strategies, we achieved significant milestones, including a 50% increase in site conversion rates within eight months post-launch.

Furthermore, at Nile, I directed the launch of a comprehensive Marketing Automation platform and program, achieving notable metrics such as a 60% open rate and an 82% click-through rate. These outcomes underscored our dedication to implementing cutting-edge technologies and driving meaningful engagement and conversions through strategic digital marketing initiatives.

At Cherwell Software, I led the development and rollout of Digital Marketing Playbooks, covering essential areas such as SEM and web optimization. These playbooks served as invaluable guides for our team, ensuring alignment with the latest industry trends and equipping us to navigate complex digital landscapes effectively.

At ADP and Panduit, I spearheaded transformative digital initiatives, including website revamps and the implementation of advanced marketing automation strategies. These endeavors reinforced our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and leveraging digital innovation to achieve strategic objectives.

As I contemplate potential opportunities at ADM, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of continuing to drive innovation in digital marketing. I am eager to explore new technologies, embrace emerging trends, and lead forward-thinking initiatives that will position ADM as a leader in the digital sphere.

As a strategic leader, I bring a passion for people, technology and problem-solving. I draw my energy from building and nurturing diverse, high performing teams and helping them unlock their best selves in order to make a measurable, lasting impact for our organization. 

Lets team up and build the next evolution of digital marketing for your organization.

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